Kourtney Youngblood is the forward-looking voice that the city of New Orleans needs and the best candidate to serve the people. She is unconditionally dedicated to fighting for the rights of our people and defending our youth. As a member of the city council, Ms. Youngblood vows to bring about change and justice by putting resources and power into the hands of the people of New Orleans.


Born and raised in New Orleans, Kourtney Youngblood's family has lived in the city for many generations. In 2005, she was separated from her home by Hurricane Katrina. After returning, Kourtney quickly realized how rapid the city had changed and the double standards many of the residents have experienced. Ms. Youngblood has a background in Civil Engineering, Social Work, Care and Development of Young Children, worked as a waitress, after-school art-teacher for Bricolage Academy, and worked in partnership with The Mckenna Museums and Helis Foundation to fundraise and connect middle and high-school students in education about history and politics in New Orleans. She helps her family run a small cleaning business and dreams of buying a home in the very neighborhood she spent her formative years. 


Kourtney Youngblood's parents are John Howard and Samantha Youngblood from the Desire Project and the 7th ward.  She is one of six siblings and has a 4-year-old black lab. 


Ms. Youngblood is committed to serving the people of New Orleans and enriching education and community services for a greater future, in which the people of New Orleans receive the respect and quality of life that they are due. 

Kourtney Youngblood

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For The Culture! 

Preserving and Protecting Our Community and Moving Forward with Social Justice and Growth.