It is undeniable that the city of New Orleans has a poorly managed and overlooked housing predicament. Everyone in our city deserves the right to secure, safe, sanitary and properly managed housing. We must demand that the city provide safe and accessible housing for all New Orleanians, including our unhoused neighbors, working families and non-english speaking and immigrant residents. Kourtney supports ending housing discrimination. New Orleans is a dynamic home for people whom the city government consistently ignores. We will enforce regulations of Short-Term Rentals and offer incentives to long-term residents.
Invest In Affordable Housing

We will work to reform and invigorate emergency rental assistance and public housing assistance. We will push to end the practice of exclusionary zoning for housing. 

Homeowner Protection 

Homeowners should receive tax benefits and our city government should work to protect the rights of homeowners and residents alike. There should also be protections in place for long-term residents and culture bearers who require assistance maintaining and preserving their homes. We will work to lower property taxes for long-term residents.

Regulate and Enforce Short-Term Rentals

Ms. Youngblood plans on focusing more intently on the regulation of short-term rentals and reinvesting the funds gained back into our residents, neighborhoods and public housing

Combat Community Displacement

Too often, working class people are displaced. There is a large gap in New Orleans' communities and many are plagued with economic inequality. Ms. Youngblood is in full support of year-long rental assistance and the protection of long-term homeowners. Forcibly displacing a community causes dysfunction in families, mental health issues, socioeconomic problems and drastically affects their overall health.

Gordon Plaza

Ms. Youngblood agrees that the residents of Gordon Plaza deserve a fully funded relocation, full moving expenses and complete compensation for their homes BEFORE any new construction begins in the area.