Everyone deserves the right to free health and mental care. Kourtney believes no one should be denied quality care nor should anyone be denied life-saving treatment prescriptions. This includes access to yearly check ups for all people. Healthcare must include therapy, rehabilitation, eye and dental visits, mental health, and awareness. We can assist our healthcare workers by providing more support and higher wages. Kourtney will push and support all legislation or programs that help our people achieve this goal. 

Many of our people have been left out of our current system of aid. Our people are dealing with very little to no support. We are losing our loved ones, our homes and our jobs. We need more support for our children, our elderly, people with disabilities and our unhoused neighbors. We need more food programs and rental and economic assistance. We need to provide city and service industry workers with more assistance and benefits so that our workers who are on the front line are taken care of and receive hazard pay, as their lifelines have been compromised. Our medical professionals need more support, consideration, and pay. We can then focus on our civic engagement and bring awareness of the virus's facts, health risks, and intricacies.

Drug Rehabilitation

There are many methods that we can undertake as a community to prevent drug-related deaths that don't include law enforcement and incarceration. Preventative measures work best when they are available to individuals before they encounter a deadly situation. Our people need access to addiction therapy, rehabilitation and treatment services, including hotlines, medical assistance, medication, community centers for care and rehabilitation and increasing awareness of these options and facilities and awareness of the dangers that different types of drug-use pose to the users. Ms. Youngblood is in favor of expanding and funding programs for young people to anonymously access fentanyl testing strips and naloxone

Mental Health

We must stop criminalizing mental health when responding to people experiencing crises of mental health. This means shifting the response from calling the police to, instead, dispatching trained professionals experienced in mental health care, de-escalation, and intervention, and are empathetic to peoples' backgrounds. Ms. Youngblood believes there should be much more funding to uphold and create agencies that are specifically trained in these areas, and vows to utilize our budget to do just that. Ms. Youngblood is 

advocating for 24 hour, fully-funded walk-in mental health facilities that will provide beds, hot meals, and the support and skill sets integral to help ANYONE in the thralls of an episode or that walks through their doors. To provide the most effective alternatives, we can delegate our budget to programs that provide immediate assistance and trained professionals.