Kourtney will ensure that the education system that our children are part of every day is more than sufficient by focusing our budget on the evaluation, oversight and quality control of the schools in our district and city. This includes a partnership between the New Orleans City Council and the Orleans Parish School Board to develop a task force to implement solutions to truancy in our school systemOur attention to our children's environments is of utmost importance. Ms. Youngblood will fight for tuition-free public vocational and trade schools.
More Funding

Our schools NEED MORE FUNDING. More funding for supplies, all employees, tutoring, healthier foods, counselors in school and after school, extracurricular activities, after-school programs, school facilities, resources for homeschooling, and the training of more qualified professionals to work with our children and faculties. The education system in New Orleans REQUIRES mindful spending of tax dollars and ADDITIONAL REVENUE; and Ms. Youngblood will ONLY approve spending that accounts for these issues first, as our children are a top priority.

Supports Unions

Ms. Youngblood fully supports teachers' unions and unions of all sorts, and she will always show up and support their endeavors to get their requirements met. Ms. Youngblood will work with parents, unions and administrations to make sure that the people who are in the care of our children's safety and education, at the very least, have their needs met. In the instance of administrations and/or school boards retaliating against our unions, it will be her duty to call on and work with other community leaders and city government officials to organize. She will urge those retaliating against our unions to, at minimum, agree to acknowledge the needs and concerns of the unions and cooperate with them to come to mutual terms. It is a right of educators and school employees to organize themselves as a union and protect their livelihoods.


The students of Orleans Parish are entitled to free transportation

The transportation system for our schools needs to work FOR our children. We are more than able to have safer and more qualified employees responsible for our children's safety, by listening to the needs of the people and providing higher pay and more funding for our schools, no pickups before 7 am, no drop-offs after 5pm, trained monitors on every bus, no bus pickups on unsafe roadways, cross guards at school bus drop off areas. It's also important that we make sure that the funds are appropriated correctly by those within the administrations that receive them and Ms. Youngblood will do that by having thorough and conscientious evaluation and scrutiny of how funds for our students and schools are used. We have to ensure that, as soon as our children and students step onto the bus to school, they are safe and completely accounted for until they arrive at home. She will commit to working with the RTA and charter schools to address the problems of transportation to and from school. 


Charter Schools

Ms. Youngblood supports a moratorium on charter schools and, instead, moving toward the Sustainable Community Schools evidence-based model for our New Orleans School system.


Ms. Youngblood supports expanding recreational options for after-school, summer-time, and more extracurricular activities.