Climate Change

Currently, there are many feasible and comprehensive strategies (i.e. Green New Deal) to achieve a full transition from fossil fuels to abundant, and nearly unlimited, clean sources of energy. Our city is in dire need of the resources, economic boost, and new jobs that stand to be created by the transition to renewable, green energy. It is absolutely necessary to begin transitioning in order to drastically reduce pollution and climate change, and keep up economically with other world powers. Ms. Youngblood will use her position as city council member to uphold all resolutions that move us toward legislation like the Green New Deal and commit to delegate substantial funding into the areas of our city that are currently in drastic need of fundamental change and sustainability such as flooding and climate change, our ports, green methods of public transportation; creating more public jobs and community projects. We can also work with and take examples from other cities who have already begun to implement Green New Deal into their municipalities. We must also regulate our large corporations, utility companies and fossil-fuel powers and she will see to it that there are regulatory committees formed and adequate oversight. An adequate social outreach and educational approach in order to civically engage the people of our communities. By principle, Ms. Youngblood does not plan to exclude any types of policies that will move our city toward a clean, safer and more sustainable future. Our campaign is 100% grass-roots and Kourtney is vehemently opposed to taking donations or lobbying of any kind from corporations, fossil-fuel companies and special interests which have been largely responsible for the impediment of our progress in the areas of climate awareness and movement toward sustainability.