Child Care

The process to obtain childcare is flawed and does not work for the parents and caregivers of New Orleans. Kourtney Youngblood believes that it is our duty to provide childcare that will meet the needs of our communities. This means changing the poorly structured requirements, such as maintaining employment to qualify. Every parent deserves access to reliable, fully-funded and high-quality childcare. The cost can easily reach into the tens of thousands of dollars a year (less than $200 a week), which is comparable to tuition at many public colleges. Yet even as parents expend all that money, less than 10 percent of daycare centers are of high qualityMore than half of New Orleans parents live in an area where they can’t find a space for their kids. Ms. Youngblood calls for an expansion of the city's current safety net of child-care assistance so that it reaches all working families and ensures that none of them spend more than 7 percent of their incomes on care. She plans to invest in building and upgrading more centers so that people can get the care they need, including 24-hour childcare, utilizing all of this money to improve quality standards, such as measures that would increase pay and benefits for providers themselves, who, on average, make about $10 an hour.