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Public Jobs Guarantee 

Create community jobs with living wages, childcare, and paid leave; support unions and Workers' Bill of Rights; $15 minimum wage, including service industry workers; expand job market beyond tourism industry 


Mental & Health Care for All 

Fully-funded 24 hour, walk-in mental & health care facilities that will provide beds, hot meals, and the support and skill sets integral to help anyone 


Fully Funded Public Vocational Schools 

Shift taxes to support tuition-free public secondary and trade schools for all


Housing as a Human Right

Lower property taxes for long-term residents and residents making less than $75,000 a year; year-long rental assistance; safe, secure, habitable & affordable homes; fully funded relocation for Gordon Plaza residents, transform blighted properties into functioning assets of our community

Fully Funded NORD & Community Programs 

Invest in year-long community programs for all youth, adults, elderly, formerly incarcerated persons, and veterans


Safer Neighborhoods 

Improve communication and raise standards of NOPD, provide youth with valuable community jobs, access to mentoring, and accountability, implement more diversion, outreach and assistance programs


Small Business Support 

Provide aid and incentives to small business owners 


Revitalized Infrastructure 

Improve roads and utilities by reforming current contracts and providing contracts to community workers instead of privatized/out-of-city contractors. Require contractors to offer living wages and safer working conditions to all employees. Hold contractors accountable to contracts, regulate and work with competitors to provide cheaper utilities; internet, energy, water, trash, recycling, etc; invest in 100% renewable resources, work to demonopolize the energy supply in New Orleans